Improving the digital experience for Society and College of Radiographers' members.

Society and College of Radiographers
Digital Strategy, Discovery, Build & Optimise
We designed and built a new digital member experience for SCoR to support recruitment, online communications, engagement and eLearning for CPD.

The brief.

As a professional healthcare body and trade union, the Society and College of Radiographers (SCoR) shapes the global agenda on radiography. Founded in 1920, it sets the standards adopted by radiography professionals worldwide, and is responsible for the professional, educational and workplace interests of its 26,000 members.

To engage its busy members, SCoR tasked Deeson with providing the latest improvements to their digital member experience, which would support recruitment, online communications, engagement and eLearning for Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Deeson has provided digital platform services to SCoR since 2001.

Society of Radiographers website screenshot

The strategy.

The Society publishes a number of professional journals and this content needed to be incorporated into the site, to maximise the links between offline publications and the SCoR. For a personalised experience, members needed to be able to customise their reading experience and save content to their library or export to other devices.

Before the website redesign, a comprehensive content audit was carried out which enabled the organisation to prioritise effectively and reduce costs. We scoped the roll-out plan, community management responsibilities and resources; integrated the content strategy with the communications and marketing goals; set engagement targets; and introduced analytics and monthly reporting.

We started by auditing SCoR’s online presence across social media and other communications channels. We also evaluated the advantages and disadvantages of Google Hangouts and a leased proprietary web application for community building. Evidence showed members expected to connect online with each other and their professional body, to enable two-way conversations.

The results.

The Drupal 7 website integrates with the SCoR’s CRM system and has several innovative features. One is the large knowledgebase document library which users can search and then save content as PDFs in their personalised library, or send to their e-readers and tablets (for a fee). Another feature is an advanced faceted search of a user’s library of journals and other publications.

Their owned community is embedded within the main SCoR website and enables seamless interaction between members, content and social media. It was released in stages, beginning with a pilot group of members.

Unique users to the main SCoR website have increased by 81% in the last five years. This period includes the website rebuild, online document library, introduction of e-zines, daily web content and social media management. We continue to provide community management, technical support and performance reporting.