Digital skills initiative provides Scouts with tools for their future.

Scout Association
Digital Strategy, Discovery, Build & Optimise
We provided digital strategy and build to create an interactive online platform for The Scout Association, enabling young people to improve their digital skills.

The brief.

Every year, The Scout Association helps 450,000 young people in the UK enjoy new adventures, experience the outdoors, interact with others, gain confidence and have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

The Scout Association has a five year partnership with Vodafone UK to ensure that every young person and adult leader within scouting has the opportunity to explore their digital potential. They can enhance their digital confidence through learning new digital skills and use those skills to improve employability prospects; offering them the potential to make a difference in the world.

The foundation of the partnership is to develop and deliver an online platform that allows both young people and adult leaders to fully engage with and complete the Association’s digital maker and digital citizen staged badges.

Platform objectives

Scout Association Digital Skills website screenshot

The strategy.

We ran two full day workshops with key project stakeholders from The Scout Association and Vodafone, to obtain a full understanding of the project.

The website needed to support two Scout badges at various levels, with a large number of resources to assist the leaders in delivering activities. We built a wireframe prototype to establish the content hierarchy, site structure and layout. This was tested with users and evolved as necessary.

The large number of requirements were prioritised to define a minimal viable product (MVP) that would fit the budget. The site was built in Drupal, allowing the content administrators to easily add and manage content. The architecture was designed to allow future expansion for more Scout badges and further resources.

The results.

The site has been enthusiastically received by Scout leaders, and thousands of resources have been downloaded since launch – enabling groups all over the country to improve their skills. The project is now adding new features in a second phase.