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Global media brand ITV commissioned us to design and build their official Press Centre, featuring over 35,000 hours of new and archive content.

The brief.

ITV's Press Centre website is a central place to promote new shows, keep up interest in current programmes, and help people discover rich programme content and media resources.

The design needed to be easy to use and mobile friendly, and the content management system had to allow for quick uploading and sharing of content across the entire ITV web estate.

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What we did.

ITV needed to regain control of its online voice and to build advocacy beyond traditional media outlets. Working closely with the ITV team, we created a set of functional priorities for the internal teams and then through user interviews and testing, we defined and prioritised a second set of end user tasks. Limited access to end users and an extremely tight timeline meant we moved forward with the understanding that post launch testing would be used to refine the product if required.

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The platform needed to integrate with ITV's internal workflow tools, automated publishing tools, and provide rapid content unpublishing. It also had to include a large and complex set of embargo rules coupled to a site-wide taxonomy. All of this would be coupled to a Drupal CMS with advanced search capability, and a responsive brand-led design.

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