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We knew what we didn't want, but we needed guidance and support to work out what we did want. I liked that Deeson got into our mindset and tried to live and breathe what we were looking for.


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The brief.

The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) division of National Crime Agency asked Deeson to research and re-model their advice and information website for parents and carers, providing guidance for keeping children safe online.

The site acts as an important source of support for parents and carers who are concerned about their children's safety online. CEOP needed to ensure that the content was relevant, easy to find, and met the needs of each specific audience group.

The challenge was how to gather those needs when the audience includes children who have been through traumatic experiences. CEOP required a digital partner who could take on this challenge, would be able to work around sensitive issues, and would provide evidence for every decision they made.

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What we did.

We kicked off the project with our strategic and business level workshops, which allow us to develop enough of an insight into the challenge to be able to plan the next steps of the project. We established an understanding of CEOP's audience segments, their strategic and commercial goals, and approaches to engaging with more sensitive audiences.

We ran a series of research interviews with parents, carers of children with different needs, the NCA's child protection team, and other professionals working in the field. This revealed insights that allowed Deeson to develop a clear understanding of who we would be designing for, and what their expectations were.

For each user type, we built psychological state and task-led profiles and used these personas we designed and iterated upon a wireframe level prototype. We ran testing at each iteration to ensure that the design was technically feasible, would provide clear journeys for each audience type, and would not exacerbate any fears or frustrations users might be feeling.

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Project achievements.

Top marks from real users.

A post launch survey run by CEOP revealed that 96% of users would recommend the updated website.

Improved retention.

CEOP saw a 21% increase in the average time spent on the site from the previous year, and a 25% reduction in bounce rate

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