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We found working with Deeson very refreshing. They are great listeners and strategic thinkers who made us feel like they were part of our team. They took time to really understand our strategic objectives as a charity and what our users need the most.


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Evolving digital practice to enhance connection and collaboration among members.

The brief.

Deeson has helped Bond improve website experiences for a range of audiences in international development, understand where they are in their digital journey, and map out the projects that will enable continued evolution of their membership offering.

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The challenge.

Bond works with over 400 individuals, communities and organisations worldwide to help eradicate poverty, inequality and injustice through international development. They were looking for a digital partner to support their organisation's ambition of strengthening the network through greater connection and collaboration.

Deeson was tasked with guiding Bond through the initial stages of their digital transformation. The early goal was to stabilise and improve the digital experience. Once this was achieved, collaboration would begin on a new roadmap of digital initiatives to help the organisation achieve its strategic goals.

The results.

Deeson has helped Bond implement a new, refreshed visual identity across their Drupal website. Graphic, UX, navigation and accessibility improvements have created a fully-articulated, consistent brand experience across devices. The site has also benefited from improved infrastructure, faster page speed and more stable integration with Salesforce CRM.

Beyond the website, Deeson has helped Bond understand and improve their digital performance through a measurement framework that structures KPIs around strategic objectives. And together, we've developed a practical, achievable roadmap of prioritised, goal-driven digital projects.

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Implementing a measurement framework to aid decision making.

Deeson's work with Bond began with an in-depth onboarding process where we conducted extensive research and engagement with key stakeholders to uncover the core needs of the organisation. We also conducted an audit of Bond's existing technology, and a website design and UX audit.

Having developed a shared understanding of what we needed to achieve, we were able to collaboratively design a measurement framework for the success of the website. Crucially, we were able to advise Bond to avoid scrapping their existing website entirely in order to upgrade to a newer version of Drupal. Instead, we counselled incremental improvement and fixes to the CRM integration to help unlock the value of previous investment.

Improving the digital experience for members and groups.

We worked through a series of improvements to UX, navigation, visual design, infrastructure, integrations and accessibility that would deliver strategic and targeted benefits for a number of audiences.

This included enhancing the user experience of Bond's training offer, improving the stability of the CRM integration, refreshing the homepage experience to support a number of user journeys, a sitewide update of typography and calls to action, and new functionality to elevate the experience of Groups users.

Developing a digital roadmap to guide future success.

Alongside the initial 'stabilisation and improvement' work, which led to significant improvements in both site performance and engagement, we conducted a first annual digital-roadmap workshop to set prioritised goals and initiatives for the coming 12 months.

Broken down into practical, achievable, time-scaled work packages, the first year's roadmap focused on defining and strengthening the organisation's Jobs offering, and setting the strategic, data and technical foundations for providing personalised website experiences. Providing ongoing support throughout delivery of these initiatives, we're helping Bond achieve its strategic objectives while evolving and enhancing the experience offered to members.

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