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Strategic product management for a marketing scale-up.

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What we did

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Redesigning a platform to deliver world class creative ideas, fast.

The brief.

Working with BeenThereDoneThat as their product development partner, Deeson is continuously developing a scalable platform that provides an efficient digital experience for their users, which will grow as the business does.

The challenge.

BeenThereDoneThat (BTDT) is a marketing business with a difference. Their platform connects brands in need of creativity with a hand-picked community of highly experienced senior creatives and strategists. The model provides quick turnaround on high quality strategic and creative thinking, with three experts providing three ideas each in just one week.

BTDT wanted an experienced product development partner to help them scale and grow. They approached Deeson to see how we could help manage and develop their product on an ongoing basis.

The results.

We worked with the BTDT team to understand how we could make the biggest impact to their business. We realised that the ideas delivery platform could better serve the needs of both the creative thinkers in the BTDT community and the brands coming to the company for help.

We kicked off our continuous development work by redesigning the BTDT platform to create the ideal conditions for the experts to answer the briefs. This involved codifying and adding frameworks to the ideation process - providing a tightly defined format for each response to save time and deliver the best results.

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Picking the platform.

In a process of continuous development, we might be given a broad objective (to improve a service, or help a business to grow, for example) but there isn't necessarily a specific starting point in mind. We therefore began our work with the BTDT team by way of a technical audit and onboarding strategy work, to ensure we understood the business and its vision.

After mapping out the processes at work in the BTDT business model, we gained a thorough understanding of their product, and the place of the platform within this. We were able to see that the role of the platform could be strengthened, and that this would be an ideal starting point for our continuous development work.

Save time, get better results.

The focus for BeenThereDoneThat is to deliver world class creative and marketing ideas fast. We redesigned the online platform to facilitate this, taking it from a free-form, blog style format, to a more structured, slide-based tool. This enabled the creative thinkers to focus more on fulfilling the specifics of the client brief. It also saved BTDT's content curators a significant amount of time, as they received work in the required format which they could then export directly.

Moving forward, Deeson is managing this product on an ongoing basis. We are making continuous improvements as a result of user feedback, such as adjusting the platform interface, and tweaking the admin experience to continue to secure even more time efficiencies for BTDT's curators.

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The first step in our continuous development journey with BTDT was to redesign their platform, transforming it from a largely manual format to something which was simple, efficient for the community to use and inherently scalable as the buisness grows.

With BTDT now beginning to explore new types of products, we are directing our future development work with the team towards making their business model – and platform - more flexible. As an agency, Deeson is ideally placed to work with B2B companies in strategic product management in this way, as we have direct experience of their business operations and client relationships.

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