Improving the digital experience for Agile Business Consortium's members.

Agile Business Consortium
Discovery, Design, UX, Build & Optimise, Drupal
We redesigned Agile Business Consortium's website to simplify the member registration process, and migrated their member database to a specially modified platform.

The brief.

The Agile Business Consortium is the not-for-profit organisation behind the DSDM Agile Project Framework. The Consortium's mission is to provide global leadership in promoting, supporting and enabling Business Agility, by offering advice, guidance and accredited products and services to organisations through an international network of partners.

The existing website no longer met the needs of its audience and so the Consortium sought an experienced agile agency to deliver a site that would be a better fit. They especially wanted to work with an agency that would provide an efficient, transparent and value-led relationship.

Agile Business Consortium website screenshot

The strategy.

Our team simplified how users discovered and interacted with content to increase their engagement, enabling users to easily find relevant courses and training organisations. Crucially, our development of the Consortium’s website ensured it was easy for users to complete the online membership process.

We ran a workshop to identified the client's CRM requirements, and selected the RedHen CRM platform for Drupal with some modifications to fit the Consortium’s business model. This enabled the organisation to improve the management of relationships and interactions with members.

The results.

The Consortium’s new registration process is now simplified and identifies users quickly by their email addresses, enabling members to log in as part of their own organisation. We also migrated the extensive membership database from the Consortium’s existing platform, enabling its team to manage updates and communications more quickly and efficiently.

Their team now has the CRM functionality they were seeking, and a website that is truly built to scale. We launched the updated Consortium site in February 2016 and since then we've continued to add new features to support their growth plans.

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Deeson worked with us to keep things as simple as possible, while making sure the functionality is spot on. The team takes the time to listen, they communicate well and they do what needs to be done to get results.

Mary Henson CEO, Agile Business Consortium

The Agile Business Consortium was formerly known as the DSDM Consortium (DSDM).