Strategic business review.

The strategic business review (SBR) is a strategy focused workshop held with every Deeson client regularly. The output is a clear and actionable roadmap showing how digital will help you achieve your strategic goals.

At Deeson, we’re committed to building long lasting relationships with our clients. A big part of that is being proactive in making sure we always deliver value against your organisational objectives.

The SBR is an opportunity to review our partnership and build a deeper understanding of your business and future plans. These sessions are practical and action-oriented, designed to draw out your long term vision and reveal immediate strategies for growth.

The result of these sessions is development of your digital roadmap. This outlines your long term digital plans, aligned with your organisational objectives, challenges and priorities.

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Deeson have always met and often exceeded our expectations. This owes as much to their approach to client communications as it does to their technical expertise. We have always been presented with solutions rather than problems.

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Preparing for your review.

We will provide an agenda and preparation guidance ahead of time, to promote equal participation between client and agency during the session.

A typical agenda for the day may consist of:

A look back.

A high level review of performance. This will look at the big picture over the past months and lessons to drive your digital transformation.

Strategic inspiration and insight.

Drawing on our extensive experience working in digital, we will offer challenging insights to ensure your organisation can benefit from the latest sector trends and innovations.


Together we will develop a roadmap for how digital can help you towards reaching your strategic goals for the coming year (and beyond). We’ll bring our extensive sector knowledge, and provide digital inspiration and recommendations for what needs to be done in the short term to stay on track for your long term vision.

What’s working and what’s not.

We invite open conversation around our partnership, examining progress made towards goals, the benefits of our relationship and ways we can improve. As an output of the session we will come up with practical ways to address any issues, concerns, or challenges.

Who should attend?

As these reviews are strategic rather than tactical, they require senior level participation. As a quarterly event, the SBR is a step back from the day to day, using insight led solutions to develop opportunities for long term growth.

Typical roles that attend Deeson strategic business reviews from our clients include Chief Digital Officers (CDOs), Marketing Directors, and Chief Technology Officers (CTOs).

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