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Iterative design process.

Our iterative design process involves early prototyping of potential solutions, rigorous testing with real users, and rapid iteration until we arrive at the best solution. We do this openly and collaboratively with our clients at all stages of the project, so you can feel completely confident in every decision we make.

Our discovery phase is where all the important user experience groundwork is laid, before we start building your website. It's usually the most intensive part of any project, but the more time you invest in it the easier the build phase will be. It helps us to build empathy with your users, and allows us to design a human-focused solution that will make a lasting impact on your customers.

To identify your challenges and design the right solutions, we draw on a number of proven tools and processes.

Collaborative workshops.

Our discovery phase workshops involve a period of intense questioning where we interrogate the project from all angles. In doing so, we can discover the hidden opportunities that lead to exceptional websites.

Every project is completely different, so we tailor each workshop to your needs, whether we're discussing UX, content, audience, design or technical issues.

Discovery phase interviews.

The best way to gain a real insight into what your users need is to ask them. So we run semi-structured interviews with your customers, senior stakeholders, internal users, and client facing teams to give us a well-rounded picture of the challenges you face and the problems we need to tackle to make the project a success.

Deeson's blueprint session and write up delivered more value to us in one day than five months of discovery work with another agency.

James Hoskins, GDC Group


Following user interviews, we compile a list of all the things people visit your site to do. Then we produce wireframes to test the journeys we've designed. Rather than acting as visual templates, the wireframes are designed to let us see how people move around the site using different devices.

Wireframes allow us to test navigation, copy, layout, and content hierarchy. These user journeys are then polished and simplified, and the tasks are consolidated.


The wireframes allow us to test the content hierarchy at the page level. We follow this up with a prototype, which allows us to test it at the site level. Do the journeys make sense? Do the pages hang together well? Can people find their way around?

We produce a prototype for every project we work on, with the fidelity being decided by the project team. It is clickable and testable and used to ensure the solution is working before we moving into designing the polished look and feel.

Graphic design.

We show you what your site will look like and how it will feel on different devices. We define the way the site moves and how users will interact with it. The look and feel will always defer to the content and the needs of the user. We are not producing art; we are solving problems.

Putting the power in your hands.

At the end of our discovery and UX phases, we present the final concept to you. We will have been working collaboratively the whole time, so there won't be any surprises here, but we're happy to present it to senior stakeholders and your wider team if needed.

We talk through the research methodologies, what we found, and how we designed the solution. Then we hand over the notes, the sketches, the keynote presentations, the designs, and the front-end code. Everything is your property.

Whether you're looking for end-to-end agile delivery, or a partner just for the design and UX discovery stage of your digital project, we can help.

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