Product roadmap

What digital budget do you need for next year? How do the business plans translate into digital projects? Does it all work towards your strategic goals? And what dependencies do we see? To help you answer these questions, Deeson offer product roadmap workshops.

What it is?

The roadmap workshop is a practical one-day session with key decision makers and agency team members. . This is an opportunity for client and agency team members to take a step back from the day-to-day work and collaborate on a clear and actionable roadmap for the 12 - 24 months ahead.

It’s also an opportunity for Deeson to share knowledge or experience from our other work that helps you achieve your goals.

Deeson have always met and often exceeded our expectations. This owes as much to their approach to client communications as it does to their technical expertise. We have always been presented with solutions rather than problems.

Kevin Blaney, Product Owner at the National Army Museum

What we will do.

A typical agenda for the day may consist of:

Product vision.

We start by defining or revisiting the overarching goal we are aiming for, the reason for creating the product in the first place. This should align with the company vision, or even be the company vision.

Business objectives.

In the workshop we invite the different parts of the business to share their goals for the coming year. These objectives should flow from the product vision. Objectives and key results tell us what the product will accomplish, and how it will be measurably different as we fulfil the roadmap.

Ideas generation.

We will identify ‘How Might We?’ challenges for each digital priority in order to generate themes.

For example personalisation, storytelling or becoming a member. Themes ideally describe user value, i.e. what the users are going to receive.

Often we break out in groups to investigate themes and what they mean for digital. Afterwards the groups present their themes, so feedback from other participants can sharpen the plan and discover dependencies. Often this also uncovers prep work that is needed before a certain project can be started, like user interviews or content audit.

We will then create and agree work packages, defining areas for development that align with the organisational strategy plan.

Prioritisation and next steps.

Not all projects are created equal. We usually end the session with determining the priorities, getting a feel for what should be on the roadmap and how early.

Who should attend.

These workshops are designed for project teams and any internal stakeholders that will have influence or action in relation to the product and or project. Typical roles that attend are Product Owners, Business Sponsors, Content & Marketing, IT, and Heads of relevant Departments.

What it delivers.

After the workshop Deeson will deliver a visual roadmap that shows your digital plans for the year. This roadmap reflects the key projects per theme, milestones such as signoff and user testing, and dependencies between projects.

2019 roadmap
2019 Roadmap

Developing a digital roadmap helps you make shared decisions about digital priorities. By having key stakeholders contribute during the workshop we secure early buy-in, and the resulting visual document is a great tool for your internal communication. It allows us to plan and prepare projects early and manage dependencies and risks. Also, it is a great tool for checking progress throughout the year, for example in our regular strategic business reviews.

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