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Blueprint workshop

In a single day, Deeson's blueprint workshop will equip you with the tools you need to identify your exact project requirements - backed up with strategic, technological and UX insight.

Deeson's blueprint workshop drills down to the core of your organisation's vision, strategy, and current challenge as you see it. Run over a complete day, this intensive session combines strategic and tactical delivery thinking.

The blueprint workshop is facilitated by a member of our leadership team in collaboration with our design, engineering and user experience experts. We usually run the workshop at the beginning of a project, but we also run the session for clients looking for inspiration and validation before commissioning a full project.

Identifying your requirements.

The blueprint workshop is an invaluable tool for rapidly opening communication between stakeholders, mapping the connections between this project and your organisation's strategy, understanding how you need to run the project, discussing any existing research you have, and prioritising the needs of your end users.

Deeson's blueprint session and write up delivered more value to us in one day than five months of discovery work with another agency.

James Hoskins.
GDC Group

Workshop structure.

The session revolves around five main questions:

  1. What is your organisation's vision and what is your strategy to achieve it?
  2. What are the requirements for this specific project, and how do they match up with your wider strategy?
  3. Who are the project stakeholders and what are their primary drivers?
  4. Who in your organisation will use this site?
  5. Who are your audiences and what do they require from this site?

The final deliverable is a comprehensive written report outlining everything we have covered on the day, and the quick wins as we see them.

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