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We're advocates for open source technologies because they're flexible

Technical experts since 2001.

At Deeson, our experienced developers use a range of open source and SaaS technologies to create powerful and innovative websites and digital products, used by thousands of people.

We're advocates for open source technologies because they're flexible, scalable and infinitely adaptive, allowing for truly groundbreaking results. We also work with a range of SaaS technologies in our work. Each project is different and we select technologies and tools based on the unique needs of your users and business

Most of the projects we work on involve building complex web platforms that seamlessly integrate with commercial systems and tools. The solutions we build result in increased business functionality, with a simplified and more enjoyable experience for your end users.

Collaborative partner.

Successful and lasting digital change is about more than just technology. We know regular and open communication produces the best results, so we involve your internal teams and other agency partners before, during and after we undertake technical development work.

We want you to think of the Deeson team as an extension of your own. We welcome early and honest feedback, and you can expect the same from us.

Deeson have always met and often exceeded our expectations. This owes as much to their approach to client communications as it does to their technical expertise. We have always been presented with solutions rather than problems.

Kevin Blaney,
 Product Owner at the National Army Museum

Proven delivery process.

We write in detail about our agile delivery process in our open source agency handbook. Each project we work on is split into phases: pre-project, feasibility, foundations, design direction and evolutionary development.

Our process has been developed from the DSDM Agile Project Framework. Some of our clients have already adopted agile practices before working with us, but many haven't. We invest heavily in agile training for our staff and clients, and our agile coaches act as external consultants to support projects with their detailed knowledge and experience of agile and DSDM. Read more about our agile qualifications, accreditations and memberships.

Evolutionary development.

Evolutionary development is an iterative agile process. It splits the build phase of your project into timeboxes, each usually two weeks long. At the start of each timebox we agree on a list of deliverables for that two week period. Agile ceremonies such as daily stand-ups and retrospectives at the end of each timebox help keep the project on track, and give you a full view of how it's progressing.

We provide a structured framework for identifying the most important product features, and use this prioritised list to agree on a delivery plan. This ensures we build the most important features to the highest level of quality and within your chosen budget.

We can also ensure your Google Analytics is configured correctly, so you can measure the results accurately and confidently.

Incurably curious.

For us, it's not about sticking to what we know. We're excited about emerging technologies, and love experimenting with new languages, tools, software and hardware, and sharing what we've learnt along the way.

Recently we've been exploring with chatbots, artificial intelligence and machine learning, bluetooth beacons, 360 video, and augmented and virtual reality. So we're perfectly placed to advise you on the bleeding edge technologies that could take your digital project to the next level.

Independently accredited.

Everything we do at Deeson is about making sure we deliver the highest quality websites and digital products for our clients.

In these projects we're typically dealing with mission critical systems, sensitive data and high risk digital platforms. We know our clients trust that we know what we're doing and can be confident that we're always looking out for their interests.

One of the ways we make sure we're doing this is to use independently audited accreditations as a means of validating our practices.

We use ISO9001:2015 to make sure we've got the right processes in place to deliver the best possible work for our clients. We hold ISO27001:2013 accreditation for our information security management. We are independently inspected against each standard to ensure we remain compliant in every aspect of our work.

Deeson worked with us to keep things as simple as possible, while making sure the functionality is spot on. The team takes the time to listen, they communicate well and they do what needs to be done to get results

Mary Henson, CEO, Agile Business Consortium

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