Product innovation.

Our integrated multidisciplinary teams combine business understanding, design thinking and technical expertise to support you in:

Minimum viable product (MVP).

Deeson has been successfully delivering large-scale and high profile content managed websites and digital products since 2001. And over the years we have developed a proven process for producing minimum viable products for our clients.

An MVP is the simplest version of your product or feature and delivers just the core functionality so that you can test and refine your idea. It's a quick and cost-effective way to deliver early value for your customers, or validate a concept before progressing to a full build, during which your MVP can be iterated upon in stages.

We draw on our extensive experience working with a variety of clients to guide the process from ideation stage all the way through to launch.

The level of technical competence shown by Deeson over the last four years has been best in class, and has allowed us to continue and improve upon our world-renowned offer.

Andrew Westwood Royal Collection Trust

Design sprints.

A design sprint run intensively over three or five consecutive days is an excellent tool for rapidly prototyping and validating new digital product or feature concepts with real users.

First we map out the problem that needs solving, and gather knowledge from experts within your organisation. Next, we sketch out possible solutions on paper and look for opportunities to iterate on or combine ideas, before evaluating all the solutions and selecting one to test. Together we formulate an action plan for rapidly producing a testable prototype in a day or less.

We help you create a prototype that's minimal but real enough to run meaningful tests with users. By asking your users open-ended questions and noting down their responses, we're able to identify common themes in the feedback and use these to inform your next steps.

A design sprint is a highly interactive and often challenging process. But in under a week we will have achieved something which can often take months or even years to accomplish.

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Innovation day.

Our innovation workshop draws on a toolkit of proven approaches and exercises. Run over one or two days, it provides an invaluable opportunity for your team to break free from the patterns and behaviours that stifle creativity. 

This workshop is suitable for businesses who need to innovate in order to respond to increased competition, who are looking to help different departments work together more effectively, or who simply wish to foster a culture of innovation in their teams.

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