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Artificial intelligence consultancy

Our services in this area have been growing rapidly. Meet GreenShoot Labs, our new AI agency.

How will artificial intelligence help your organisation?

It probably already is. The field of artificial intelligence (AI) combines many different approaches to build computers capable of solving new types of problems or interacting with us in new ways.

Advanced natural language processing (NLP), sentiment analysis or recommendation systems are within the reach of everyone through powerful APIs. Tools like IBM Watson, Amazon Echo, or Microsoft Cortana, coupled with smartphones or IoT devices are opening up possibilities that will redefine how we engage with users.

An area that is already seeing an increase in interest specifically because of enhanced NLP capabilities is chatbots, since we can support richer and more natural conversations with users. In domains such as customer service, ticketing and tourism, news chatbots can make digital interactions more enjoyable and interesting. They can reduce workload and, when combined effectively with a hand-off to other systems or with human intervention, can nicely integrate with your existing processes.

In the future, AI will increasingly enable you to automate routine tasks and provide better quality services to your users.

Get your systems ready for AI-enabled services.

In the next 18 months, an increasing number of new AI-enabled services will become available. To take advantage of these services your existing technology platforms, such as your content management system (CMS), digital asset management system (DAM) and customer relationship management system (CRM) need to be ready.

Easily accesible AI-powered APIs were the missing link in increasing user engagement. Evolution will now proceed at breakneck speed. A strategy that does not reflect this is already obsolete.
Ronald Ashri, Technical Strategy Director at Deeson

We've worked hard to determine how to set up and configure legacy systems so they're ready to be integrated with the next wave of AI-enabled services.

We can help prepare your organisation for opportunities as they emerge. This means you can reduce risk and move quickly when you are ready.

Why Deeson?

  • Delivering successful digital projects since 2001
  • ISO9001 and CyberEssentials+ accredited
  • Experienced software engineering team

Our AI-ready services.

  • Strategy review and roadmap to identify opportunities
  • Readiness assessment of your CMS, CRM and related platforms
  • User research and blueprint workshops
  • Prototype and production chatbot builds

An experienced applied AI team.

Our conversational interfaces and applied artificial intelligence team is lead by Ronald Ashri, PhD. He has more than 16 years' experience in the field, beginning with his Doctorate in Agent-Based Computing in 2001.

Are you ready?

Augment your business systems with AI.

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