Open source agency.

At Deeson, we're vocal advocates for open source. It gives developers the opportunity to be part of a thriving and engaged global community and is a powerful force for empowering ourselves to better understand, adapt and improve the tools we're working with.

We offer paid time for our development team to contribute to open source software. We're particularly well known in the Drupal community as having the largest Acquia certified team in Europe and for being in the top 30 of companies contributing to the project globally. Contributions are what powers Drupal and we're proud to be a force behind the platform and in the community.

Through this involvement with the open source community, we share knowledge, collaborate with, and hire the best open source developers in the UK and Europe. It also matches very well with the way we work.

Some of our open source projects.

And much more...

Other contributed Drupal modules include Automated Logout, Session Limit, Commerce Webform, DotMailer, Elastic Email and various Drupal Core fixes. Our development team is also experienced in Laravel and WordPress.

Deeson Labs.

Visit our Labs for a behind the scenes look at tech we're playing with, events we're attending, and new things we're trying.

Deeson Labs

We're big believers in exploring the potential of new technologies, and sharing our findings. Recent experiments involve chatbots, artificial intelligence and machine learning, bluetooth beacons, 360 video, and augmented and virtual reality.

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At Deeson, we offer paid time to contribute to open source software. We do it because we believe it's the right thing to do but we also see huge benefits.

John Ennew Technical Director