8th January 2020

Warden Release 2.0

Mike Davis
Lead Developer

We have finally released Warden 2.0, a solution for in-house development teams and agencies who need to keep track of the status of many Drupal websites.

This update is a refactor of the core working of Warden to enable it to be developed further, allowing other sites to be monitored other than Drupal sites (e.g. Wordpress/Javascript based sites).

The main changes that have been made are:

  • Updated Symfony to 3.4 (LTS)
  • Refactor of core Warden
  • Updated the admin theme
  • Updated dashboard & site list layout

Upgrading from version 1.x to 2.x

Due to the change in how the Drupal data is stored, once you have updated your installed version to 2.0, you will need to run the cron task to repopulate the details about the site’s modules etc. This is due to changes in how the data is stored to separate the Drupal data from the main site information.

Updated Symfony to 3.4

The version of Symfony (2.8) that version 1.x of Warden is running on became end of life in 2019. As part of the ongoing development of Warden, it needed to be updated to version 3.4 to maintain the long term support of Symfony.

Refactor of core Warden

The initial idea of Warden was to provide a central dashboard to show Drupal security updates across an estate of sites.

But, we wanted to expand this as we saw that Warden could become a dashboard for different types of security alerts across different types of sites. To be able to support other security alerts, we have refactored the core of Warden so that it aids the further development of Warden to provide support for different types of sites, such as Wordpress/Javascript based sites.

Updated admin theme

As part of this new release, we updated the version of the admin theme that was used to bring this up to date with the latest layout etc. Updated dashboard & site list layout As part of moving Drupal from the core of Warden to its own bundle, the listing of sites on the main dashboard and the sites listing needed to be more generic.

This is so that these listings could support the listing of different types of sites (such as Wordpress and Javascript applications as well as Drupal). To help make it easier to identify the types of sites that you have in the listing, we have introduced an icon for the site type. We have provided the different logos to help distinguish between your Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 sites.


The dashboard listing no longer shows the version information, but shows the ‘type’ of site (Drupal/ Wordpress/ JS etc.) that it is as well as how many security updates there are listed against it. 

Warden dashboard

Sites Listing

The sites listing also no longer shows version information, but instead shows the ‘type’ of site as well as listing out which modules require a security update against the site. In addition to this, we have also added the ‘last scanned’ date and time so that you can easily see when a site was last scanned.

Warden sites listing