9th June 2015

View from the Dev Team - May 2015

John Ennew
Technical Director

This month at Coder Lounge ...

Containerised Drupal Development

Adam continued working on his project to build a virtual development environment using Linux containers. He gave a great demonstration of this in action where both the code base and the database can be branched. This will make working on a feature a lot easier as with Drupal 7 a sites structure is held not just in coder but also in the database.


John gave a demonstration of JSON-LD and a project he is working on to produce an open events publishing platform which provides events information as queriable JSON-LD.

Second Chance

Dan worked on a new Drupal module idea he's had. If content is acidentally deleted from a Drupal site there isn't much to help you get it back. Drupal doesn't come with a Recycle Bin. The Second Chance module hooks into entity deletion and stores a serialized form of it before its deleted. This is work in progress as it doesn't yet provide a reliable undelete function which would work for any entity.  You can try it out though at the following page on Drupal.org - https://www.drupal.org/project/second_chance