28th September 2016

A project manager's guide to DrupalCon Dublin

Asavin Wattanajantra
Marketing Manager

DrupalCon sees an increasing amount of project manager and professionals in non-technical roles such as business development, sales, marketing and HR.

It’s a particularly valuable event for Project Managers in particular - managing a Drupal project can be challenging, especially if you are new to the technology.

We’ve taken a look through the schedule and picked out some of the sessions which may be most valuable to you.

Tuesday 27th September

Plans are useless - but planning is indispensable

Transitioning to fixed teams - insights from a scrum master and business owner

Who cares about Drupal? How to win the hearts and minds of businesses

Wednesday 28th September

Intuitive Project Management Intuitive Project Management

How to deal with a life of crazy and keep your cool, mostly

How to say “no”(without actually saying “no")

Using scrum agile in remote development

Birds of a Feather: Becoming a Drupal secret agent: Drupal agency survival tactics

Birds of a Feather: The future of work: how to create self-organising, happy, distributed teams

Thursday 29th September

The dating game: Project methodology panel

Why estimations go wrong, and how to avoid it

Birds of a Feather: Estimation


We’ll also be at the conference, taking part in various sessions - we would love to connect!