22nd May 2017

Collaborative, distributed team building using Minecraft… Introducing Deesoncraft!

Ashley Warner
Development Manager
minecraft map

Here at Deeson we have employees all over the UK and Europe, this means that we don’t get to work with everyone. To help with this I thought it would be a good idea to setup something that everyone could join and work on projects together. After a few ideas, I thought a Minecraft server would be a great idea.

Taking inspiration from Hermitcraft I found an Island seed, and divided the Island into areas:

  • Purple

Collaboration area, where we all build things together or provide a resource that everyone could use, e.g. a farm.

  • White

Shopping area, pick something that people are going to want and create a shop for it, either charge Iron or Diamonds for and let them flood in as people buy what they need.

  • Orange

Residential area, people can pick out their plot and then build a base, store items, etc.

To start people off, I connected these areas with Nether portals and then I added portals to areas that can be used to collect resources, sand, stone, wood, etc. This is so that the landscape of the island won’t get ruined by resource gathering.

So that everyone can connect to the server and don’t have to worry about maintaining the server, it is hosted at CubedHost

So far we have a few members who have joined and are busy mining and building.