30th November 2015

Coder Lounge - November 2015

John Ennew
Technical Director

Coder lounge is where the Deeson developers get together to eat pizza, talk tech and write code.

This month, we started applying our best practice techniques to a Drupal 8 build. Adam deomonstrated the new Configuration Management features of Drupal 8 using drush config-export to put content types, fields and views into code - push it up to a git repository and then deploy it to another site using drush config-import. Very, impressive stuff and a huge improvement over how this worked with Features, ctools and other modules when using Drupal 7.

Mike and I have been working hard to get through a backlog of issues on our community modules including porting them to Drupal 8. We like the new leaderboard feature on https://www.drupal.org/drupal-services/all/all/United-Kingdom which lists agencies in order of the number of issues they helped fix in the past 90 days. Helping the community has always been really important to us but this kind of gamification has spurred us on to try and top the table.  By the end of the night, Deeson's tally had reached 75 for the past 90 days and we managed to hit the 4th place for the UK.  Before going home, we put on the Rocky theme tune, turned the volume up to maximum and high fived a job well done.