27th November 2014

Coder Lounge - November 2014

John Ennew
Technical Director

This month, at our team developer night, the developers at team Deeson worked on getting closer to a beta release of Warden.

Warden is an application we are using to monitor the health of our many Drupal websites for multiple clients. Tools like Acquia Insight are great but they only work for sites hosted on the Acquia infrastructure, and only Drupal sites.  As we maintain sites in many environments we need a unified dashboard which can provide status and health checks from all the websites we are responsbile for.

Warden is built using Symfony2 web development framework and integrates with Drupal by installing a module on each Drupal site you need to monitor.

We speant the evening with all members of the team testing and installing the application to find potential problems and smooth the process of getting Warden up and running. This testing is important to move an internal application to one which the wider community might make use of.

Expect some more information about this project soon!

Warden application development screenshot

We've also been discussing the merits of extending entity metadata wrapper to make programming in Drupal 7 more OO, a little like was been suggested here. Dan has a very exciting blog post about this about to come out with some examples he put together to demonstrate is power and flexibility ... stay tuned!