27th May 2013

Coder Lounge, May 2013

John Ennew
Technical Director

Welcome to the roundup of our community development work which takes place monthly at our offices in Canterbury. This week the team tackles some Drupal 8 Core issues, getting their work into core as well as the maintenance of a number of our contrib modules.

Drupal 8

Some of the team continued their work on helping get the new features into Drupal 8 core. Some of the issues worked on were:


One of our team had been invited to take over maintenance of this popular security module this month. Autologout allows site administrator set policies to log users out after periods of inactivity. At coder lounge they got to work on a backlog of some 100 issues. After a triaging session, they decided to concentrate on producing stable versions of the latest 4.x branches in both Drupal 7 and Drupal 6 and providing an upgrade path from the older branches to the 4.x branch. This would allow a large number of issues to be closed and provide a single stable release for all users who were currently split over 3 different versions. The new feature added were many, the ability to reset the logout timeout if a user is interacting with a form (a form taking longer to fill in than the timeout period was logging people out and losing work), allowing timeout synchronisation across tabs (being inactive in one tab was causing a user to be timed out despite being active in another) and adding simple tests to the module to allow patch submissions to be automatically checked to ensure compliance with the features of the module. The outcome of the evening was a stable and supported 7.x-4.1 and 6.x-4.1 release of this popular module.


The SkinnyTAC module provides taxonomy access control on a Drupal 7 site. If a user and node share a taxonomy term, then that user can edit that node. It is the slimmest administrative interface and weight of module of all the TAC modules, including TACLite. We highly recommend people check out the sandbox for this module.

OG Invite People

A few of us have a number of modules we maintain. Another in the group works reguallry on the popular Organic Groups plugin OG Invite people and the following work was done this month: