Coder Lounge, June 2013

Coder Lounge is our monthly coding session where the dev's at Deeson get together to eat pizza, discuss new technologies, play with the best stuff the community is producing and work on our own community contributions.

It's a great way of sharing our passion for Drupal, the community and all things tech.

At this month's coder lounge we spent some time discussing the merits of continuous integration and setup a Jenkins Server.

By the end of the session we had a working implementation which was building our projects, running our behaviour tests (using our own Drupal Behat module) and reporting success or failures.

We also worked on a few of our community contributions including autologout, Session limit, Context blok visibility and Drupal 8 core.


John Ennew

I'm a software developer and Chartered Engineer and work as a solutions architect at Deeson. I'm also an enthusiastic advocate of continuing professional development and organise events and activities for the Kent network of the Institution of Engineering and Technology.