5th April 2017

10 reasons why I’m attending Ground Control Conference and you should too

Holly Davis
Head of Delivery
Ground Control

One of the many benefits of working at Deeson is being encouraged to attend conferences to grow your skills and to spend time with your peers. Unlike other disciplines, conferences for people involved in delivering digital projects are few and far between, that's why we're especially excited about Ground Control, the first London-based conference for delivery people.

Here are ten reasons why we're heading to Ground Control on April 21st and think you should too.

1. Its run by the lovely folk at White October Events

As some of you may know I’ve had the privilege of working with the team at White October Events during my time at White October. They’re truly wonderful and put an enormous amount of thought into the curation and running of their events

2. Their code of conduct is more than just a piece of paper

Related to 1 but worth a point all of it’s own, they have a code of conduct which is worth more than just the paper it’s written on. Their conferences are among the most friendly and welcoming I’ve ever attended

3. They support individuals underrepresented in tech

They have given away tickets to individuals underrepresented in tech and/or facing economic or social hardship. By attending, you’re directly contributing to making good stuff like this possible

4. The speaker line-up is diverse

They’re supporting new speakers who have never spoken at a conference like this before as well as seasoned professional and well established names in the industry. Nine out of the fifteen speakers are female, five of which are WOC

5. Brett Harned is conference chair

Brett Harned as helped curate the event and will be the conference chair on the day. If you’ve ever attended the digital pm summit or seen him compere DPM:UK now Deliver Conf you’ll know how special that is. You can read the back story about his involvement here

6. Sam Barnes is doing the keynote

Sam Barnes is doing a keynote, after he recently said he’d never keynote again ;)

7. It's on our doorstep

It’s central London, a short walk from Victoria. No transport excuses

8. There are four whole tracks to choose from

It’s a 4 track conference so you’ve got options, lots and lots of options

9. It's not just for digital project managers

The topics will be valuable to anyone who plays a role in delivering great digital products so don’t be put off if you’re not a dpm, this conference is for you too

10. There are practical workshops too

There are some brilliantly practical workshops you can buy tickets for the day before. Many of the team here have attended Meri’s workshop before and would highly recommend it

Tickets are limited and if you move quickly you can save a £100 off the last min price.