From 2011 to 2015 we ran Digibury - the first meetup covering all things digital in Canterbury and East Kent. We launched it because, at that time, there were very few digital community events in the area where like-minded people could meet and share their ideas and interests.

We built a thriving community of almost 500 people who signed up and participated in our monthly Digibury events.

We also ran two annual Digibury Weekenders - one day digital festivals extending the Digibury format and reaching further into the world of digital, technology, culture and society.

We benefited from the generosity of so many speakers sharing their time, expertise and (often work in progress) technology projects.

In 2015 as the Deeson business continued to grow we decided it was time to focus our energy on pastures new. The digital community in Canterbury and east Kent is now thriving and we're proud to have played a small part in making that happen.

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