We've hit the pause button on our monthly meet-up event for digital and creative types in Canterbury. Help us shape its future for 2016.

  • November 2015 marks almost four years of Digibury, our monthly Kent meetup on the second Wednesday of the month.

    We’ve benefitted from the generosity of so many speakers sharing their time, expertise and (often half finished) technology projects.

    They’ve given us a glimpse into their worlds of art, science, manufacturing, perfumery, design and programming to name just a few.

    We now have a thriving community of almost 500 people who have signed up and participated in our monthly Digibury events.

    We feel that we’ve achieved what we initially set out to do.

    We think it’s time to mix it up and do things differently and we’re going to pause our monthly events while we work that out.

    We’d love to hear your ideas about where to go next, particularly if you want to be involved in making that happen.

    Check out Tim's blog post about how you can get involved in Digibury in 2016.

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