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A strategic approach to chatbots.

Chatbot capabilities are evolving rapidly, opening up a huge range of opportunities. We can help you develop a supporting strategy – crucial to ensuring you can focus on the right areas.

We'll develop a roadmap of technologies that are relevant to you, and identify how they can be applied to your organisation and what the benefits are. This includes mapping dependent platforms such as your CMS or CRM to identify how ready they are for integration.

We learn to converse before we navigate websites or interact with apps. From a human perspective conversational interfaces are a no-brainer.

Ronald Ashri Technical Strategy Director at Deeson
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Say hello on Facebook Messenger.

One of the main benefits of using conversational interfaces is that you can engage with your users where they are. The rise of messaging platforms means you can reach your customers through Facebook Messenger, Slack or SMS.

Being able to provide information or sell products on a familiar channel means you can meet the needs of your users in new ways and increase satisfaction. It's often a better solution for your users than trying to get them to install another mobile app.

Facebook Messenger bots that drive customer satisfaction

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Bespoke bots for your team on Slack.

Teams are increasingly taking advantage of workplace collaboration platforms such as Slack, Workplace by Facebook and Microsoft Teams. They reduce communication friction and are increasingly integrated with internal systems and external data sources.

Bespoke bots for these platforms can provide your team with aggregated information in real time, deliver training and even allow actions to be taken directly within the platform.

Productivity boosting bots for your team

Training in chatbots and artificial intelligence.

Our chatbot and AI training services can get your team up to speed with these technologies quickly so you can start exploiting them efficiently.

Chatbots in action.

Chatbots give you an opportunity to engage with your users in ways that just aren't possible with websites. For example:

The use of AI-powered analytics mean that you can adapt the conversation in real-time based on the input received, to present the best possible reply to the user.

We help you determine which projects represent best value as part of your overall strategy, and then we deliver them for you.

Chatbots in action

Our experienced chatbot team.

Our conversational interface and applied artificial intelligence team is lead by Dr. Ronald Ashri. With a PhD in Computer Science (AI and agent-based computing) he has more than 16 years' experience in the field both from a strategic and product-centric perspective.

Find out how chatbots can grow your business

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