What is a content producer? - Part 2

We’ve got into the nitty gritty of what a content producer does, but what does it look like once the content has been implemented?

Deeson took on the challenge of revamping the online presence of The Society of Radiographers, the trade union and professional body which represents the whole of the radiographic workforce. Its fresh new look at www.sor.org instantly grabs visitors’ attention and encourages them to return on a regular basis, thanks to the news stories being updated on a daily basis.

The news covers a huge range of topics, including proposed reforms to the NHS, breakthroughs in medical research and training opportunities for radiographers.

The site itself contains everything you ever wanted to know about radiography, but didn’t quite know where to start searching – or were afraid to ask! From the various career paths to on-going training, the different specialities and regional activity around the UK, the site provides a one-stop shop for all your radiographic needs.

Society of Radiographers website

In November 2011 alone, the site received 48,111 visits which generated 255,707 page views and an average of 5.31 pages per visit.

In this age of interaction, a perfect way to encourage return visits is by allowing visitors to post comments. This facility is also great for gauging whether current content is really what the audience wants to see – and adjustments and tweaks can be made if felt appropriate.

Blogs, news or multimedia posted on the Institute of Economic Affairs website are guaranteed to garner comments – and thanks to Deeson's techno-wizardry, visitors can easily leave their views on the subject in hand.

The site’s eclectic content – ranging from publications and press releases to policy areas and photo galleries – can also be shared with other interested parties through the twitter and Facebook options on the bottom of each relevant page, increasing the options of disseminating the information as far as possible.

Institute of Economic Affairs website

Equally, it is important to ensure any visitor comments are suitable for publication and are not libellous or offensive. The role of moderator often falls within a content producer’s remit – and it is a delicate line to tread, one between encouraging lively debate and opinion, but without alienating and upsetting people.

Once the content – words, tone, quantity and images – has been agreed, there is still the question of site navigation to nail. There is nothing more infuriating that a web-based wild goose chase, requiring more clicks than you can shake a stick at, to get to the most basic of information. You don’t want visitors – especially if they have money to spend – to lose the will to surf before they’ve even had chance to view the information they came onto the website to find out about. It has been proven that customers – and their credit cards – will simply search elsewhere if they cannot get to where they want quickly enough.

Take Gardeners’ World presenter Sarah Raven’s kitchen & garden site that was developed by Deeson to support significant amounts of content and a community. From the home page, the ‘search the shop’ facility allows visitors to crack on with their shopping and easily find the products they are looking for.

Sarah Raven's Kitchen and Garden

Life as a content producer is never dull and no two days are the same. Responsibilities usually include meeting with clients, investigating appropriate content, writing features and news for publication and sourcing pictures to accompany text.

So perhaps it is time to look at your website and ask: ‘Does this offer anything that will attract and engage visitors?’ If the answer is no, perhaps you need a content producer! Drop Deeson Online a note at hello@deeson.co.uk for more details of how your website can work for you.