25th January 2012

What is a content producer? - Part 1

Anne-Marie Jordan

It is well known that any website worth its weight in pixels has to be sharp, well written and chock full of appropriate content – as well as regularly updated to attract that all-important returning traffic. This is where the role of a content producer is vital for ensuring your website is relevant and engages with your target audience.

So what is a content producer? To many, it sounds cool and creative, where colourful thought bubbles a-plenty pop up above the producer’s head, but what exactly do they do when they’re in front of their computer, tapping furiously away at the keyboard?

In a nutshell, this job title is a neat way of describing someone who writes for websites – from news stories and blogs, to product descriptions and auditing existing content, all the while ensuring that corporate content strategy is properly implemented.

It might seem screamingly obvious, but the best place to start for content is with the client themselves – a detailed brief will ensure everyone is, quite literally, on the same (web)page and that valuable time isn’t wasted building and maintaining an online presence which isn’t up to the required specification. No one wants that Christmas morning feeling of opening up an exciting looking present...only to find yet another pair of grey socks within.

Unsurprisingly, it falls to the content producer to ensure that the given brief is understood and fully digested – and then work can begin on a website that captures the look, feel and tone that are going to appeal to the audience concerned. In any situation, full and frank dialogue is essential between all the parties, so that any unexpected bumps in the road can be successfully negotiated – and there are no nasty surprises at the end.

It goes without saying that the majority of websites must be updated regularly to avoid going stale – and to stay fresh, frequency is the way forward. This is especially true for blogging and, somewhat bizarrely, it is better to have no online presence than one which isn’t nurtured and is just left to fester. There is nothing more disappointing than to head back to an interesting looking website – only to find no new content to explore and discover.

A good example can be the provision of timely and regularly updated news reports. These can generate loyal visitors who are happy to return to a website time after time, especially those with a reputation for accuracy, speed and content worth coming back for.

Here's the second part of our guide to what a content producer is.