26th January 2017

Unconscious bias training materials we use at Deeson

Tim Deeson

We’ve been working on ensuring that Deeson is as inclusive as possible. I initially wrote about changes we were going to make at Deeson and how that sat in context of the wider digital industry, with a follow-up post on our progress.

One of the commitments we made was to introduce unconscious bias training. My research found that there was relatively little ‘ready made’ material that was suitable for an individual team member to spend a couple of hours on as a useful introduction.

It needed to be suitable for someone who had little background knowledge and I wanted it to prompt self-reflection and awareness of the issue in general, rather than be prescriptive. My instinct was that interactive and discussion elements were important to prompt reflection.

These are the materials that we’re using at Deeson now, feel free to copy or adapt if you find them useful. And feedback or suggestions are always welcome.

Unconscious bias training material v1

  1. Read the blog post reflecting on inclusivity at Deeson and in the wider digital industry
  2. There are tests available that can demonstrate biases that you hold unconsciously, read about them before you try them.
  3. Take two of the tests. What do you make of the results? (take tests
  4. Watch this video that Google created as part of its unconscious bias awareness training programme (watch video - 1hr).
  5. You’re welcome to share any feedback, thoughts or discuss with others on the Deeson #unconscious-bias Slack channel