28th July 2020

The post-covid digital checklist: is your organisation on track?

general post covid digital strategy

Covid-19 has shaken up the world of work, and put an ever greater focus on the importance of having a digital strategy. Why? Because being digital-first enables organisations to become more agile, adapt to rapidly changing circumstances, and continue to provide the best products and services to their customers.

In the time of the pandemic – and looking ahead to the future - organisations that have never really prioritised digital have to get up to speed – fast. Even for those who have already begun their digital journey, it's always worth checking in to see if things are running to plan.

Here we take you through our post-covid digital checklist – a set of practical principles you need to keep your strategy on track in an ever-changing world.

1) Communicate your strategy

Provide a vision for the team and tell them about the obstacles you all need to overcome to achieve it. They will then be able to make intelligent decisions that align with everyone else.


  • What’s the organisational strategy?
  • How are you planning to overcome the challenges you face?

2) Keep relentless focus

Resources are always scarce and they may be even scarcer now. You need to ensure that your digital products are delivering value for the organisation.


  • What’s the single problem that will provide the most value by solving it?
  • How do you know what the right solution is?

3) Outcomes over outputs

You don’t want features being delivered, you want these features to achieve an outcome. Success isn’t launching, success is a change in user behaviour.


  • What digital problems can we solve to support the organisational strategy?
  • What outcome do you want the team to deliver?

4) Empower your team

You cannot be across everything at a time when there is so much going on. Your digital team are experts in digital - trust them to do the right thing.


  • How are you going to measure the outcome being achieved?
  • What does the team need to deliver impactful work?

5) Start from first principles

So much has changed, and is continuing to change. To achieve outcomes, you need to ensure that you are solving customer problems.


  • Do you know how your customer needs have changed?
  • Are there new opportunities where you can provide value to your customers? 

At Deeson, we partner with organisations to deliver proven digital strategies. We have significant expertise in managing organisational change, setting meaningful goals and defining programmes of work. We'll work with you to define a digital roadmap that supports your organisational aims.

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