19th May 2020

Mental Health Awareness week

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At Deeson, we believe our team’s mental health is as important as their physical health. This is one of the reasons we offer a Wellness fund and why two members of our team are qualified Mental Health First Aiders

We also run regular wellbeing sessions; these optional meetings provide a safe space for the wider team to come together to share current challenges and receive support and advice from colleagues. 

These sessions are currently facilitated by five volunteers from within the agency who are keen to champion mental health awareness and remove the stigma and taboo often associated with talking about mental health in the workplace. 

We’ve asked them all to share why they got involved, and why mental health awareness is important to them as individuals. 

Mike - Development Manager

Why is raising mental health awareness in the workplace important to you?

Mental health is still often seen as a “taboo” subject which people are either afraid to or just don’t want to talk about. I am passionate about people being able to be open about how they are mentally, as well as physically within the workplace. 

In my role as a Development Manager, I know the value of being able to provide support to people in my team as well as others within the company. Also to know that I can share any troubles I am having openly, helps me to feel more relaxed about what I am facing.

I am very proud to be a part of a company that is 100% supportive of looking after their employee’s mental wellbeing and health.

Holly - Delivery Director 

Why is raising mental health awareness in the workplace important to you?

I live for a time where the workplace doesn’t differentiate between physical and mental health. In my role as Delivery Director at Deeson, I can help work towards this by building a culture that enables and encourages our teams to bring their whole selves to work. 

I’m proud to be working alongside an empathetic wellbeing team who are switched on to noticing the signs associated with ill mental health and are equipped to providing resources and opportunities for their colleagues to share and offload. 

On my bad days, I know I have people I can turn to and I want that to be the same for everyone else who works here too.

Maggy - Developer 

Why is raising mental health awareness in the workplace important to you?

Poor mental health can affect anyone, whether you know someone who struggles with mental illness or deal with it yourself. It’s difficult struggling with the symptoms of poor health - it’s even harder when you have to pretend nothing is wrong and deal with it alone due to mental illness still being seen as a taboo subject

Being able to be open at work about my mental health has been important to me as I don’t feel like I would have to deal with it alone and I feel supported by my coworkers. Knowing I don’t have to put on a fake smile and that it’s a safe place to talk about my feelings if I wish too is also a huge weight off of my shoulders. I can prioritise my mental health, and by doing that, feel confident coming into work and doing my job without the fear of being judged and having to deal with the negative stigma that comes with mental illness.

Ryan - UX Consultant 

Why is raising mental health awareness in the workplace important to you?

I am a person who likes to deal with my problems quietly by myself. I find it very encouraging to discuss mental health in the workplace for multiple reasons. 

1. It has shown me that our workplace is a safe space where it is ok to be vulnerable. I find this amazing and it feels great to be part of a team that understands the importance of mental wellbeing.

2. I have a large support group of people. Despite the fact that I don’t even know some of you very well, I feel that there are more than enough people at Deeson that I would feel comfortable opening up to. Even regarding non-work related issues. It’s a great feeling and something that I really appreciate having! 

3. It makes me happy that other people are open to sharing their feelings with people at work. It takes the work relationship to another level and is a pretty strong sign of trust, which is a great trait for any relationship!

Rowan - Senior Developer 

Why is raising mental health awareness in the workplace important to you?

Mental health is important. It can have a dramatic impact on your physical health and yet it’s something we don’t talk about. I have worked for companies in the past where discussing mental health is seen as a sign of weakness, and this compounds negativity within a team. Working for Deeson has changed that and enabled a safe space for us to be open with each other. 

Being able to share things with my colleagues has helped to put things into perspective, and even put a positive spin on a negative situation. 

It helps individuals to be more mindful of each other and has helped us grow stronger as a team, and that can only be a good thing.