Healthy mind, healthy body. The new Deeson Wellness Fund

Tim Deeson

Nov 07 2016


Working in the digital sector can be tough and it can feel like there’s a constant pressure to be ’switched-on’. An agency like Deeson is a supportive place to work, but we can feel the pressure like everywhere else.

Whatever the workload, it certainly shouldn’t be to the detriment of your health or mental well-being. So in recognition of this, we’re setting up a Wellness Fund where every team member can spend up to £250 per year to improve their wellbeing. The goal for Deeson employees is to try something new that has a positive impact on them.

For example, you could try a new type of exercise such as a breakdancing class, a hard-hitting kickboxing session, evening language lessons, yoga or mindfulness, or even a stress management course.

We believe that the money we invest in this initiative could well start paying for itself through better performing workers, as well as lower rates of sickness and reduction of the days off that result. This in turn will raise well-being and job satisfaction, which has a direct impact to the company’s success.

And for the individual, it means personal growth. As well as the support to successfully perform above and beyond the standards expected of you, it also means you have more energy for when you get home which you can give to friends and family.

Sometimes all we need is a change, and a Wellness Fund can certainly be the motivation to get this process started.

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Tim Deeson

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Tim Deeson

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Tim's focus at the agency is culture and growth, including new services and technologies. Recent work has centred on self-organising teams and how the digital sector can become more inclusive.