Google plus circle icon

While putting together the social icons for our new custom site font (to keep everything resolution independent – try looking at this site on a retina display!), the official Google plus icon just felt out of place. So I worked up a new version, still I think very much on brand, but referencing G+ circles, and a bit closer to our own site style.

I have put together an icon set so you can use it in your own project should you wish!



  • Why I often use a 24 column grid

    ... Graeme Blackwood  19th April 2012


    16 & 24 column grids are as dumb as a grid with 960 columns of 1px width.Designers, constraints are good for you! Eat your veggies.

    — John Albin Wilkins (@JohnAlbin) February 23, 2012

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