25th November 2016

Five reasons why the enterprise is turning to WordPress

Asavin Wattanajantra
Marketing Manager

It’s reported that one in four websites are now powered by WordPress. That’s a staggering figure, and shows the remarkable growth of what was originally a blogging platform into the most widely-used content management system on the planet.

Together with Drupal, organisations looking for an open source CMS have great, financially sound options with fantastic developer communities surrounding them. At Deeson, we’re very happy that we have the capability in-house to embark on large, noteworthy projects with these popular tools.

Due to its accessibility and ease-of-use, WordPress does have the reputation of being a tool that is confined to individual bloggers and small businesses. However, more and more big brands have decided that WordPress is a good option, from media company monoliths like News Corp and Reuters to popular brands such as Sony and Facebook.

Here are five reasons why large organisations in many different industries are choosing WordPress as their CMS of choice.

1. It’s scalable

For running large, enterprise-level sites, it’s about handling and eliminating variables and unknowns - WordPress is a consistent, well-regarded platform with theme frameworks and plugins proven to stand up in testing conditions.

At Deeson, we make sure that every organisation we’re working with considers its feature needs, business goals and the ability to support the platform on an ongoing basis. If WordPress matches their requirements, we’ll clearly say so and put forward a plan of action.

2. It’s open source

Of all the open source CMSs available, WordPress has an incredibly large community behind it. This means that tens of thousands of talented developers have made contributions towards the platform.

Organisations using it are free from having to sign licenses or follow proprietary requirements, which means websites can be customised in any way a business chooses.

3. It’s secure

WordPress runs around a quarter of the web, which makes it a natural target for hackers. However, core WordPress is very secure, with updated versions never having a major exploit. There are risks with plugins and themes, but due diligence and professional help can mitigate these factors.

Among the services that Deeson offers are WordPress security and performance audits, as well as ongoing site support. We understand that for enterprises, security is of paramount importance, and we will ensure that they are well protected.

4. It’s developer and content editor friendly

It’s fairly simple to build a WordPress site due to the multitude of themes and out-of-the-box packages that are available. However, this also means that websites can often look very much like another. This is where expert developers come in, who can easily customise a project depending on business need.

And with its origins as a blogging platform, WordPress is built with the content editor in mind. It has a great experience for the end user, and this ease-of-use means that content editors can think about doing their job rather than have a poor user interface get in the way.

5. It’s future-proof

With 25 per cent of the web on WordPress, it certainly isn’t going away. The core WordPress team actively maintains and improves WordPress, so you can be sure that the framework will remain viable and modern.

Another bonus is the WordPress commitment to backward compatibility - the website won’t break when updating to the latest version. But it’s also pushing forward - for example, WordPress’ new JSON REST API allows other systems to pull data out of or push data into WordPress.

Interested in your organisation making the most of the power of WordPress? Our developers are some of the best in the UK and Europe, experienced in open source platforms like WordPress and Drupal. Find out more.