9th October 2014

The evidence behind our rebrand

Mike Jongbloet
Head of Design and UX

In 1959, Diners' Club International was our first experience of understanding and serving the needs of our customers. Since then we’ve kept ahead of changing markets and been through many rebranding cycles as we've grown, targeted new audiences and launched new services. 

Our new brand

We've now moved away from our multiple brands - Deeson Online, Deeson Member Communications and Deeson Creative - to a single brand, Deeson.

In last month's blog about the relaunch, we mentioned that the rebrand reflects the increasing collaboration across all of our teams - user experience, design, development, community and content - during projects. 

Our rebrand aims

The recent rebrand strives to deliver:

  • Better understanding of products and services among clients and prospective clients
  • Clear messaging about our strengths to differentiate from generalist agencies
  • Opportunity for increased brand awareness
  • A showcase of our particular strengths 

The old three brands

Have a look at how we explained our previous three brands to see where we've come from.

Deeson Online

Deeson Online

Deeson Online pushed the boundaries of professional practice in strategy, UX, design and digital products and services, including Drupal.

It was a compelling offering as strong and established Drupal development isn’t often delivered together with digital strategy, UX and design.

DMC logo

Deeson Member Communications

Deeson Member Communications was a full-service agency for professional bodies, membership organisations, trade associations and trades unions.

The company's strong heritage in the membership and trade association sector, which spans several decades, was an important differentiator among prospective clients.

Deeson Creative

Deeson Creative

Deeson Creative was a creative digital communications agency with a focus on social, content (video, blogs, copy, infographics), community, digital marketing (email, PPC & SEO) and branding and design.

The focus on social and content services was relatively new.

The pain points

As the business grew, the pain points of having three brands became clear. These included:

  • Marketing each brand individually (social, blog and emailer) trebled the resource required
  • Confusion among clients receiving proposals/working with different brands
  • Dilution of brand effectiveness and awareness 

We wanted some evidence and decided to do some user research to better understand how our brands were perceived among clients and prospects. The findings gave us a clear indication that a rebrand was needed.

Our research findings

We carried out a number of interviews with both current and prospective clients to discuss the brands and potential directions. Here's what we discovered:

  • Only one of the interviewees was aware of the three Deeson brands
  • One of our current clients was unaware the branding had changed even to the three brands 
  • Only 45% of interviewees were aware of four of our key service offerings
  • All seven interviewees supported the move to a single brand

Direct interviewee quotes

“Three brands are completely pointless. It looks like you are providing a fragmented service when you are not.”

“Splitting them [the brands] doesn't’t help. You offer a great diverse solution and yet the brands dilute it and it feels like you’re working with three different companies.”

“A single brand makes a lot more sense. We don’t make that distinction, we just care what you can do for us.”

What was our next step?

You can see that our research results supported the move from three brands to one.

We set up a project team with a project manager, developer, technical solutions architect, content and marketing strategist, user experience designer and front end designer. Together we outlined the brand's aims:

  • Maximise the impact of our branding
  • Simpler brand identity for prospective and existing clients
  • Promote our company culture
  • Showcase our internal collaboration
  • Highlight our portfolio and experience
Deeson logo

The new brand

We experimented with a number of ideas for our new logo, and very nearly took a different direction to the final selection.

We feel this new logo achieves the following:

  • It’s simple and allows our expertise and portfolio to do the talking
  • It’s custom. The font is customised so it's unique to us and the oversized full stop is a small design tweak which adds character
  • It’s friendly, yet professional. We maintain our strong heritage and show our culture as a fun and friendly agency to work with
  • It’s a strong statement. “Deeson full stop” is what we hope our clients and prospective clients will be saying during selection...

We hope you love the new brand as much as we do.