Digibury: Life is a cabaret

Last Wednesday was a big day for Digibury. Not only did we have lots of new faces (great to see you all) we also got to try out our permanent new home: the Cabaret Stage at The Gulbenkian. In fact we were the first ever event to use the Stage. And wow. It blew us away. We got lights, full use of the PA system, and as for the projector, the presentation slides could be seen from a mile off.

The talks

#1: Observing Programming Novices on a Large Scale

First up was Neil Brown, Research Associate at the University of Kent. His talk explored how people learn to programme, what they find diffcult and what problems slow them down. Drawing on his experience at the University of Kent, he and his team have begun a large-scale project to collect data on programming learners: They've augmented the beginners’ programming tool, BlueJ, to allow users to participate and record data about their behavior.

#2: Language Composition  A Case Study in Cross-Language Tracing

Edd Barrett is a computer scientist. In his talk, Edd demonstrated the challenges of programming language composition and how his team at King's College London propose to overcome them.

#3: Virtual Tricksters: Videogames and Slapstick Comedy

Ben Hudson is a PhD candidate in drama and Assistant Lecturer at the University of Kent... as well as a part-time stand-up comedian. Ben explored how videogames can be comedies and amusing, not just as a result of artistic choice, also unintentionally, and can be exploited for comic value, taking us through a brief history of slapstick.


December 11 sees us back at The Gulbenkian, with talks on designing space museums, wildlife digital magic, crowdsourcing poetry... and possibly one more. Could be a bumper month!