14th June 2014

Digibury: The iTot generation, pop-up Koran and education-meets-tech discussion

Lizzie Hodgson
Digital Strategist

Wednesday's Digibury at The Gulbenkian was a bit of a special. As part of the evening we had two talks followed by an education-meets-tech discussion. It was a great night, with lots of opinions and views - and plently of audience participation! A video of the discussion will be published on this blog in the next week or so, but in the meantime, here are the main areas of discussion:

Areas of discussion

  • What impact technology is having on the way in which students learn?
  • How are teachers responding to these pressures?
  • How can tech be better exploited?
  • Are we equipping students for the workplace?
  • Is peer-learning a viable option?

The panel was made up of four people (including the two speakers for the evening, Hajera Memon and Emily Guille-Marrett):

Hajera Memon trained and qualified as a lawyer in London. She left her City career to follow her passion of creative writing and is now the founder of Shade 7, a multilingual publisher of premium pop-up Qur’anic educational story books that help children learn about Islam in a fun way.

Emily Guille-Marrett has created print and digital products to help children learn to read for leading publishing houses. She was literacy publisher at Oxford University Press before leaving to have children. She is now founder of Reading Fairy – teaching children how to read and love books from birth to six.

Paul Sharrad is very much on the `front lines' of teaching computer science in secondary education. He bought in the BTEC at his school, Dover Grammar School for Boys. At the same time he is the lead developer on a Linux distro orientated for schools, both server room and classroom. The school has used Linux based pcs for about a decade now.

Lucy Bloomfield is a designer/developer hailing from Australia but on a mission to see the entire world. She believes the education system is falling behind in what needs to be taught to students to produce innovative and creative-thinking people that excel in work environments.

The talks

#1: The iTot Generation: Technology, Reading and Under 5s

Early reading expert Emily is Founder of Reading Fairy. She delivered a talk focusing on the iTot generation, and the impact of the tablet on children’s reading.

#2: How we created the world's first pop-up Koran story book

Hajera is Founder of Shade 7, a global, multilingual publisher. In her talk, she explains how she used crowdfunding platform Indiegogo to generate funds to support the publication of world's first Koran story book with pop ups.

Been inspired? Got something to talk about? Submit your idea here and you too can be a Digibury speaker!
Next Digibury event: July 9 at The Gulbenkian.