Conversational interfaces: A guide to connecting with your customers

Ronald Ashri

Oct 10 2017

Messaging apps

Conversational interfaces are at the forefront of a wholesale reinvention of how we engage our users and customers. Voice assistants like Amazon Echo and Google Home, chatbots like those available on Slack and Facebook, and mobile phone tools like Cortana and Siri are some of the conversational interfaces now proliferating across the industry.

As a business providing support for customers or seeking to engage users with content presented in new ways, how can you get started with conversational content and commerce? What are some of the motivations for pursuing conversational interfaces, and what are the technologies and methods involved?

Last week Deeson collaborated with leading cloud platform Acquia to run a joint webinar, introducing conversational interfaces and offering a practical deep dive into what you need to get started and what issues to look out for. Topics included:

  • Why conversational interfaces are here to stay and how to build them into your digital strategy
  • Surveying the conversational interface landscape: the key tools and technologies you need to know
  • Chatbots vs. voice assistants and the competitive advantages of each
  • How top businesses and organisations are using conversational interfaces right now

Watch the webinar recording below.


About the speakers

Ronald Ashri develops technical strategy at Deeson. He holds a PhD in Computer Science, and his research dealt with complex distributed systems, artificial intelligence, and Semantic Web technologies.

Preston So is Director of Research and Innovation at Acquia, where he leads new open-source and research initiatives and helms Acquia Labs, the innovation lab featured in international press such as VentureBeat and ZDNet.

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Ronald Ashri

About the author

Ronald Ashri

Technical Strategy Director