12th May 2015

Community Day is coming...

Rhiannon Dance
Content and Social Media Strategist

We like to think we're pretty community minded at Deeson, both in our client work and our approach to problem solving. 

We've built bespoke communities for clients in the publishing sector and run social media for organisations.

All too often 'community' is immediately associated with your Facebook or Twitter followers, but for us online communities are about far more than that.

Introducing #DeesonCommunity Day

On Friday 22nd May we'll be quite literally at your beck and call, answering questions via our Twitter handle on all things community. 

As well as thought provoking pieces on owned vs. earned communities and the role of community for healthcare, we'll have a special guest Q&A. 

Submit your questions throughout the week using #DeesonCommunity and we'll share them with our expert panel  a world-renowned publisher with whom we recently built an online community of practice.

Our Q&A will take place between 3-4pm GMT on Friday 22nd May.

Read about our work creating a B2B online community with leading B2B publisher Gower here

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