Coder Lounge - January 2016

John Ennew

Jan 28 2016

Coder lounge is an international gathering of the Deeson development team at our Canterbury office. Here we discuss the darker side of technology, argue about the right way of using parenthesis and eat pizza.

Coder lounge is an oppertunity to work and demonstrate personal projects. This month saw the first Alpha release of Grand Master Adam's Rainmaker tool for local development excellence and so he was in early to demo its progress and work on the second alpha release.

Group module maintainer, Grand Master Kristiaan, added access control to group content for Group Drupal 8 but bumped into Entity Validation API with sleepy eyes (he'd spent 5 hours travelling to Canterbury from Belgium). If you've not seen the Group module yet, its like Organic Groups but with more awesome. Read Kristiaan's blog post on it here.

Jordan has been interested in enhancing our frontend development workflow using tools like Yoeman for scaffolding new applications from the command line.

Grand Master Dan looked at Electron and made a prototype app (actual OSX app). Here is an actual quote from Grand Master Dan from the night:

It's bloody clever and lets you build desktop applications using HTML5 etc (it runs Chromium) but also with the power of node.js. It's what Slack uses to make their desktop app.
-- Grand Master Dan, January 2016

As a keen contributor to the community, Emma spent the evening helping to prep the issue queue for the upcoming Drupal Global Sprint weekend.

James fiddled with and made an image from the internet appear on an iphone emulator. After seeing this, Grand Master Dan was quoted as saying:

-- Grand Master Dan, January 2016

Chief issue fixer Mike spent the evening working through his personal issue queue. This included some issues with HTML emails on the Elastic Email module and preparing the Drupal 8 release for this module. He was also looking some enhancements for geolocation module to provide support for Mapbox.

By the end of the evening, Deeson had moved up the Drupal Agency World Rankings (by fixed issues in the last 90 days) and finished in 7th position in the world, 3rd in the UK.

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