18th February 2016

Code Club

John Ennew
Technical Director
Code Club

One of the great parts about working at Deeson is the ability to work flexibly.

This has allowed me to fulfill a personal ambition and start a Code Club for pupils at my local primary school. This term the children have been busy programming using a language designed for their age group called Scratch. This has provided them with an introduction to what it is to be a software developer.

As a Chartered Engineer with the Institution of Engineering and Technology and a STEM Ambassador, I realise the importance of engineering as a subject. With the shortage of software developers and engineers, it is essential that professionals engage with schools to bring real life experiences and their own expertise into the classroom.

For some of the children this will be their first contact with someone from industry with experience and enthusiasm for the subject, and hopefully it will demonstrate the exciting benefits working in this growing field can bring. The pupils have so far learnt to programme musical instruments, animations, a ghost catching game, a chatbot and have even created a simple painting programme all using Scratch.

Code Club is a nationwide network, led by volunteers, for school children aged from 9­ to 11. Many schools would like to set up their own code club and are looking for volunteers to help. The commitment depends on the number of volunteers a club has but is typically an hour a week in the classroom plus whatever time you need to familiarise yourself with the activity beforehand. 

For more information on setting up your own Code Club or to sign up as a volunteer, visit https://www.codeclub.org.uk/