25th April 2017

Chatbots for culture, tourism and exhibitions: knowledge sharing event

Ronald Ashri
Technical Director
Conference room

The growth of messaging platforms is creating a whole new space for organisations to interact with visitors. Through chatbots (computer programs that interface with messaging platforms such as Facebook Messenger) you can instantly connect and reply to a wide range of questions. Chatbots can be designed to inform but also delight and entertain offering a new way to experience a place.

Find out more about how they’re being used in our blog - How museums are using chatbots - 5 real world examples


Deeson is organising an evening of short talks and a panel discussion on the possibilities of visitor engagement using chatbots. We will discuss the technology, how digital strategy needs to evolve to take advantage of it and at what has worked or failed through case studies.


The event is an informal evening of knowledge sharing. We will start with four short (20 mins) talks followed by a panel session. Then over drinks we will continue discussing.


The event is aimed at senior engagement, strategy, technical, marketing and communication roles from within the cultural, heritage, tourism and events sectors.

When and where

The event takes place on the 24th of May at the Impact Hub close to Kings Cross. Click here to register and get all the details from our Eventbrite page.


Deeson is a leading member of the open-source community. Sharing knowledge is part of how we do things. This goes beyond code. Open source is also about creating communities of practice  to share experience. We were founding members of several such events (e.g. DrupalCamp London, Digibury). This, our first chatbot event, follows in the same vein.

What next

This is a first in a series of themed events we are organising around chatbots and applied AI technologies.