9 reasons Group for Drupal 8 is awesome

Kristiaan Van den Eynde

Mar 24 2016

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1. It’s already available

With a very stable release out the door, we’ve been getting a number of positive reviews from early adopters. Don’t hesitate, download the alpha release now!

2. The UX is great

You don’t need to visit a dozen pages to configure your site’s group functionality. Once you’ve enabled the module, all you need to look for is the Group section right next to the People section.

Group menu item

3. It’s fresh

The biggest competitor for Group is Organic Groups (OG), a module that has been around for a while now. Group, on the other hand, was written from scratch for Drupal 7 and then re-written from scratch for Drupal 8. This allowed us to leverage the latest available tools to their full extent.

4. A different data model

People have grown so accustomed to the way OG works, that they have come to accept it. But the OG approach is not necessarily the right one. Try out Group and you’ll discover a whole new way of doing things. (Spoiler alert: We have dedicated Group entities.)

5. It’s easy to develop for...

Enabling your module’s content entities to become part of a Group has never been more easy. Group D8 uses the plugin system, allowing you to extend its functionality by writing a module with less than 10 lines of code.

Group menu item

6. … but even easier to build sites with

Because Group uses a lot of the basic features available in Drupal 8, we get a lot back from Drupal core. Full Views support? Check! Exportability? Check!

7. It ships with a node integration

Need your groups to have private content? We’ve got you covered! Group D8 ships with the Group Node module, allowing you to add nodes to a Group and share access to the the group members only.

8. It has a clear and concise roadmap

There is very little left to do before we can move from alpha to beta. After that, it’s only a short sprint before we can tag a release candidate. Check out the roadmap for yourself.

9. It’s very well received

So what are you waiting for? Check out the module right now! It’s already been featured on the Modules Unraveled podcast, was the subject of a talk at DrupalCamp London and is getting praise from nearly anyone who’s come into contact with it.

Kristiaan Van den Eynde

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