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11 not-to-be-missed events, attractions, collections and exhibitions
Celebrating the reopening of the UKs museums and cultural institutions
12th May 2021
Why “scope creep” isn’t a dirty word
Scope creep has a negative connotation and I think it immediately suggests an element of conflict or someone losing out. I think in a world of prioritisation and agile development, scope creep can be a win-win.
  • Holly Davis
23rd Mar 2021
15 ways to monetise your museum with digital
Deeson's Head Strategist Martijn van der Heijden presented his Digital Monetisation Canvas at the recent MuseumNext Digital Summit. Check out his session and download the slides.
6th Mar 2021
Diversity challenges in the tech sector: What Deeson is doing and the long road ahead
Whilst we celebrate our gender diverse team at Deeson, our work in diversity is far from complete.
  • Sarah Harris
8th Jan 2021
How can a digital journey engage and inspire?
Organisations with a broad or complicated offering, such as those in the visitor attractions sector, must take extra care to ensure their website is easily navigable and clearly communicates their offering.
14th Dec 2020
Why there’s no downside to website accessibility
Designer Rachael Sutherland is Deeson’s Accessibility Champion. Here she explains why designing accessibility into websites should be a core principle, not an add-on.
  • Rachael Sutherland
14th Dec 2020
5 takeaways from our webinar about rebuilding attraction websites in times of lockdown
2nd Dec 2020
From Drupal 7 to 8 to 9 - when to upgrade?
In the past when new versions of Drupal were released, the upgrade would require not only a hefty investment, but a lengthy site rebuild project. But with the release of Drupal 8 came a new way of thinking about how sites can be upgraded. There was the idea that moving from major version to major version would be as easy as any other minor update that was released.
1st Dec 2020
Just the ticket: top tips for seamless digital ticketing
With the arrival of coronavirus we've worked with many of our clients on their digital ticketing offering. Read on for our top 5 tips for a smooth implementation.
18th Nov 2020
Why the success of your project starts with your brief
Why the tender process should be a two way street.
  • Sarah Harris
22nd Oct 2020