The modern B2B buyer.

Business to business (B2B) service providers are facing a new challenge: How do you best sell and deliver your services in a world where engagement increasingly happens online and is your website best equipped for this?

Research & insights.

This report outlines what we’ve learnt from diving into the world of B2B service offerings, our methodology and the insights that will help you and your business in your goal to deliver a great service.

We looked at a sample of B2B websites to see how they perform against the typical buyer journey.

Across the board, the sites we audited did some things well, but also had much room for improvement.

General trends
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The most interesting finding was not the overall quality of the websites we audited, but the inconsistency in the buyer’s experience across the websites. Whilst each website scored differently in different categories, here are five general trends we found.


Across our sample, search was a common problem. Search offerings were frequently lacking and the results delivered were often messy, confusing, or non-existent. In fact, only one of our sample scored above 50% for search. With an average category score of 35%, it was the lowest scoring category on the 100 point audit.


With approximately 50% of people using a mobile device during their B2B buying process, it is now a basic expectation that users can browse your site on mobile devices.

Of the websites we audited, half delivered a satisfactory mobile experience; the other half delivered their full desktop website, which was not easy to navigate on a small screen.


Navigation on the websites we audited was often focussed more on the information the business wanted to get across than the task their buyers were trying to achieve. Finding information quickly and consistently was often frustrating, with dead ends and broken links adding to the confusion.


In the world of consumer sales, the content is all about the buyer, their problems, and how the business can solve those problems. On the sites we audited, the content was often more about the business than it was geared towards the buyer. This left us feeling unengaged and uninformed, making the decision to buy less likely.


The websites we audited did not meet modern accessibility standards, with 16 of the 24 pages we tested scoring poorly against Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). And not a single website scored at a level we would consider to be a good example of accessibility.


Your website is a critical sales tool.

Our research found that 93% of B2B buyers want to buy services for their business online.


But, only 9% of B2B sales were conducted online in 2015, which leaves a lot of room for improvement in B2B online sales.

Your website is now the first point of contact many will have with your business: It has never been more important to reflect on the role your website is playing in your sales journey.

Getting your digital house in order.

A well-designed and well-kept website shows you care, and buyers love it when they find a business that cares. During our audit we found five quick wins to get your digital house in order; by using these quick wins you can stop users encountering issues on your site, which then develops their trust in your quality.

Our insights.

The outcome of our research is eight easily digestible insights that help evaluate where your business could be doing better to deliver a modern B2B buying experience. Here are three of the eight:

Download our pdf to see all 8 insights

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Case study.

Cambridge Consultants tasked Deeson with providing branding, strategy, design and development to replace their existing website. From the case study here are certain elements we kept in mind during our production:

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To prevent consistency lacking, we created and maintained a complete design system. As the site grew and changed, the typography, colours and grid systems remained perfectly aligned with Cambridge Consultants’ brand.

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The custom design system we crafted is built around components rather than pages. This means the client has total freedom over the presentation of their content, without being held back by restrictive templates.

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We chose the search engine Algolia API, which is a powerful and reliable solution that’s smart enough to handle mistyped search queries.

This makes a more usable and useful experience for Cambridge Consultants’ audience of busy professionals.