Analytics implementation.

Unlock the potential of Google Analytics with Deeson's implementation service, and start making more informed decisions about your business.

Google Analytics is a fantastic tool but is often implemented on a site without proper configuration. You might be making critical business decisions on the basis of misleading data.

Even when your data is accurate, are you learning what you need to learn from it? Visits, bounce rates and exit pages can be useful but without proper context they are meaningless. Having a well-considered measurement strategy will lead to better insights and improved results.

Why is this important?

Better, informed decisions.

Confidence in your data means you can trust your digital success measurements. Having trustworthy and accurate data allows you to make decisions based on facts rather than gut feelings.

Reporting aligned to objectives.

Too much data means you can't see the important signals, whilst too little data stops you from seeing anything. By identifying bespoke metrics for your organisation, you will have a better understanding of your site's performance.

Unlock the potential of Google Analytics.

It can be daunting when faced with the myriad of reports and dashboards. Improve your understanding of what the data is saying so you have the confidence to draw insights from it.

Get your Analytics configuration sorted. Talk to us

Each organisation has unique requirements when it comes to their Google Analytics setup, but there are a number of common mistakes that we see again and again. Our implementation service is perfect for fixing a broken setup or setting your Google Analytics account up from scratch while helping you steer clear of common pitfalls.

Nick Buckingham UX Consultant at Deeson

What we do.

Measurement strategy.

We will hold a workshop with your team to map your organisational objectives to the goals of the website and help you establish realistic KPIs for the site, by identifying the user behaviour that indicates success.

Output: Measurement framework.

Configuration audit.

Our comprehensive audit will cover three main areas: data collection - ensure all the relevant data is being gathered, data accuracy - ensure the data is trustworthy, and data cleanliness - ensure the reports are easy to analyse and not misleading.

Output: An intentionally light-weight summary of our findings, focusing on the changes rather than providing a detailed explanation of what's wrong.

Tracking implementation.

We'll implement the relevant updates to your analytics setup to ensure that all necessary tracking is in place resulting from your measurement framework. This could mean a migration to Google Tag Manager is needed, which allows rapid deployment of tracking without the need for developers, but we will advise you on whether this is needed and the implications of this.

Output: Fully tested and approved implementation with a custom report.


We will bring your team onboard and make them as involved as they want to be. The exposure and involvement in the project will develop their skills and allow them to better understand and manage your analytics platform going forward.

Output: In-person session with your team so they understand the reporting.

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